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Mayaniquel strives to build trust with community leaders, local authorities, civil, religious and cultural leaders as well as with social, education and health workers.

Mayaniquel has been proud to participate with local communities to celebrate cultural festivals as well as providing support for health, education and sports programs

Mayaniquel conducts corporate social responsibility programs, including medical and educational programs as well as basic infrastructure projects.

Most communities are lead by the Community Development Councils (COCODE). As a prerequisite to a successful exploration program in tune with all the local communities, Mayaniquel must inform and secure the support of the COCODE. In the Chulac district, Mayaniquel maintains daily contact with the neighboring communities and has bi-weekly meetings with their COCODE representatives.

A fundamental part of Mayaniquel's approach to mining includes a commitment to joint effort programs with the various communities, aimed at improving quality of life through initiatives that focus on infrastructure, health, community systems improvement, education, agricultural assistance and development of local micro -businesses.

Guatemala is a multilingual and multiethnic country, with 22 ethnic groups and 24 languages. 

Mayaniquel operates in the eastern part of the country where approximately 95% of the population is of the Q'eqchi Maya culture.

Mayaniquel's Public Affairs unit includes members from the Q'eqchi culture helping create stronger bonds based on mutual trust and communication