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Newsletter: Our commitment goes green

More than 32,000 trees are expected to be planted this year. With the support of the communities, 1,111 plants per hectare will be planted.

As part of its responsibility to the environment, Mayaniquel has begun, as it does every year, the process of reforesting the areas where nickel was once explored and extracted.

Through the production team, the areas were cleaned up so that local species such as Irayol, Santa María, Medallo, Cortez and San Juan would be planted in order not to alter the ecosystems of the areas.

During 2022, more than 1,000 hectares are expected to be planted, but that is not all, for the reforestation the support of the local communities is sought and the people who collaborate with the plantation receive an economic compensation, thus generating a source of income.

Community development

Malanga was planted in Las Caobas

On the border of the municipality of El Estor, Izabal, is the caserio Las Caobas, located between vacant lots that were once large crops of milpa, chile, malanga and achiote, but now there are only a few plots of corn, rice and beans, grains that local families manage to sell once a year, at the best of sales.

The caserio is one of the areas that were damaged by the passage of the Eta and Iota storms, which caused the Cahabón river to overflow. Even so, its inhabitants look for sources of work to survive, like Don Valentín Tiul Coc, 63 years old, who is an example of hard work because since his childhood he has planted chili, corn, and other grains.

"Thank God that the Mayaniquel company is helping us a little. We are supporting in rotating positions."

says Tiul, while thanking the company for the help that the company provides to the farm through 15 rotating positions.

Stories to tell

We are Mayaniquel

Every day there is a Community Affairs team that manages the contributions for the communities of direct and indirect impact. Gratitude motivates us to continue and we share with you a brief summary of the work done.

A constant effort

Margarita Choc is a member of the management team, and every day she has a reason to get up and do her best at Mayaniquel.

Boletín Mayaniquel 221
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