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Mayaniquel: Development and sustainability for more than 25 years in the country

We're exited to share that we were recently featured in Forbes for our contributions to development and sustainability Read the Full Article Here.

Guatemala has 2% of global nickel reserves, according to Nickel Institute estimates. This means that the country has investment and development potential, through responsible exploitation. In an industrialized world with high demand for this mineral, this becomes an outstanding opportunity for economic development.

Mayaniquel S.A. is a visionary Guatemalan mining company and as such, is committed to achieving sustainable and environmentally responsible exploitation, while contributing to the development and prosperity of the communities near the places where it operates.

Mayaniquel has been mining and marketing nickel for more than 25 years, meeting and exceeding strict sustainability standards.

The preservation of the ecosystem is a priority for the mining company and from the beginning of its operations it has all the environmental licenses that allow it to operate in a clean and responsible manner.

Its collaborators are constantly trained to comply with a clean and environmentally friendly nickel extraction. This is complemented by constant monitoring to ensure compliance with current environmental regulations.

Where does Mayaniquel operate?

Mining of this material dates back to the 1950s, when exploration operations yielded positive results in the departments of Izabal and Alta Verapaz.

The Guatemalan company began formal exploration in 1996 in this area with a vision of achieving economic benefits, but committed to contributing to the development and prosperity not only of its employees, but also of the surrounding populations. All this in a responsible and sustainable manner.

After 15 years of exploration campaigns, mining operations began in 2014. Mayaniquel currently holds the mining right "Proyecto de Extracción Minera Sechol", in Alta Verapaz, in the mountains surrounding the Polochic Valley.

Prosperity for all

Thanks to this economic activity, the mining company generates direct and indirect employment and income for more than 1,500 Guatemalan families in the area. As a result, it has also indirectly stimulated the development of other related industries such as transportation, lodging, food and reforestation, as well as demand for industrial maintenance services, among others.

But it does not stop there. Thanks to its local development and employment programs, it provides income to more than 50 communities in two departments. Neighbors are hired to perform community benefit work such as street cleaning, infrastructure improvement and school construction, to give a few examples.

Respect for the rights of employees and communities is part of the success of Mayaniquel's operations in the area. To this end, we have developed effective communication and dialogue processes with local authorities, Community Development Councils (Cocodes), and social leaders. This has allowed for harmonious teamwork.

The environment is a priority

Mining has always been an issue of concern because of the impact it may have on the ecosystem. But Mayaniquel has environmental recovery programs for the sites where it has completed its operations.

The company immediately reforests with local flora species, minimizing any significant impact on the area. Currently, Mayaniquel has reforested more than 40 hectares with more than 45,000 native trees.

In the short term, we plan to recover 20 more hectares until reaching 60 hectares. This will translate into more than 70 thousand trees planted, which will translate into a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the communities where Mayaniquel is present.

Social Responsibility, a commitment.

Mayaniquel is aware that its greatest resource is its human resources, so it maintains various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in the areas of health, education and recreation such as sports and culture. These programs cover more than one thousand families on a monthly basis. In 2021, the company invested more than Q40 million in these programs.

Additionally, the company has several basic infrastructure improvement programs that benefit the communities. Among these is an electrification program using solar panels, which are installed in towns that do not have power supply.

Recently, Mayaniquel donated the construction of a new bridge over 100 meters long over the Cahabón River. It has two lanes, which has benefited thousands of people by allowing the safe passage of people and goods. This has had a significant impact on the development of the region.

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