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Margarita, a woman who fights for her family

Margarita Choc began working for Mayaniquel S. A. (MNSA) as a cleaner after some time without formal employment. She worked ironing and washing clothes or cleaning in some places while she hoped that God would allow her to find a stable job in a company and enjoy a decent salary and treatment.

It was precisely in the month of March 2021 that she was hired to support the company where she was entrusted with the task of cleaning the production offices of Mayaniquel, located between the departments of Alta Verapaz and Izabal, where our mining operation is located.

Margarita gets up very early every morning to tidy up her house so that her 15-year-old daughter Heidy can go to school and then takes a bus from Telemán to the work area. Margarita says that her life as a single mother has not been easy, but she struggles daily to provide for her two children. While Heidy is training to become a nurse in the future, her eldest son also supports her in bringing home the breadwinner.

"Thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to work at Mayaniquel" - Margarita Choc, cleaning manager at MNSA.

When she returns after a day of hard work, she checks Heidy's homework, who shared with us the love she has for her mother Margarita and attests to the care she takes to keep the household going.

"They have supported me, they have taken me further. I managed to put my daughter through school. They gave me the opportunity to work, as a single mother. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to work at Mayaniquel," Margarita reiterates, expressing her satisfaction for having a job that allows her to continue building her dream as a mother.

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